World Information Society Day will take place on 17th May and this year the theme will focus on ICT entrepreneurship for social impact.

The day was established by a United Nations General Assembly, following the 2005 World Summit on the information Society in Tunis and had previously been known as World Telecommunications Day in order to remember the founding of the International Telecommunication Union on the 17th May 1865.

The main objective of the day is to raise global awareness of societal changes brought about by the internet and new technologies, plus aiming to help reduce the digital divide.

Global technology company Locality Solutions provide case management technology that allows multiple agencies to share information with one another and review and update risk assessments, significantly improving the process for tackling social concerns such as Domestic Abuse and Anti-Social Behaviour. The software enables users to alert and notify the right information to the correct partners to ensure that collaboration and meaningful information sharing is undertaken. This reduces the time taken for partner agencies such as police and support services to evaluate volumes of data which can have a detrimental impact if vital opportunities for early intervention are missed.

Locality have recently moved into the Australian housing sector which holds a market for innovative new technology for vital information sharing between key public service agencies. Locality reference the transformation of Wales’ largest housing provider, RCT Homes’ process for managing high-risk cases. The innovative software has led to a seamless service that has hugely improved satisfaction among customers and staff, saving more than 1,000 hours every year in admin and successfully resolving 98.4% of anti-social behaviour cases, more than any other housing organisation in Wales. Data from multiple sources were migrated to the new platform, improving communication channels such as staff received alerts about tenants who may be vulnerable to incidents of hate crime, ASB and domestic abuse- enabling them to respond more quickly to incidents.

“Our aim is to show that real change can be made within communities with a little forward thinking and the right technology. We now hope to create a culture of collaboration that will also benefit other housing associations and partner agencies.”
Locality Solutions product director Karen Boparoy

Technology is the new society




Notes to Editor :

Locality Solution’s Product Director, Karen Boparoy has recently travelled to Australia which currently holds a market for innovative new technology for vital information sharing between key public service agencies. She is coming in order to meet with national housing stakeholders following the company’s growing success in the UK.

Boparoy, who is originally from Malaysia, gained two degrees in commerce and technology from the University of Auckland before spending the next 10 years working for Fortune 500 companies in New Zealand, Australia and America. Boparoy is a leading figure within Technology and has been the driving force in the firm’s Global expansion.

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