Professional Services

Business & Systems Analysis

Our consultants will work with your stakeholders to understand your business objectives, your current and future challenges. Working with your team we will identify your pain points, business issues or system deficiencies highlighting the opportunities that can be gained from either technology implementation or a change in procedure.

Our investigations will encompass your people, processes, organisational culture and overall business visions. Depending on your project requirements, we can assist in generating business requirements specifications, risk identification and analysis, cost-benefit analysis and business process re-design.

Business Process Re-design

Our consultants have extensive experience in Business Process Analysis and Re-design within multiple areas within the private and public sector. Through analysis of existing processes and performing a fit-gap analysis, we are able to identify if your most critical processes are allowing your business functions to deliver on outcomes most effectively.

We will work closely with your team to implement process improvements where needed and if required make appropriate recommendations on technology and systems. Business Process analysis is the first step that should be undertaken in any Business, Process or Systems improvement Project.

IT Infrastructure

We can help you develop an Infrastructure Strategy to compliment your IT Strategy or simply perform a health check of your technical resources to ensure you meet your organisations demands. The rise of hosted solutions has seen various infrastructure models being offered.

We will analyse the various infrastructure options available in the market space and help you decide the best option to support your IT Application plans and business needs. Our consultants can also offer integration services to join up multiple systems to achieve a unified work environment.

IT Procurement and Sourcing

We can help you review your Technology needs, especially if it’s making sense of the noise and identifying what your requirements are prior to procuring a system or service. Our consultants have experience advising or running procurement programmes for both the public and private sector.
We will help you undertake an efficient and effective procurement process which will deliver your central objectives. Our consultants will understand your technology and services requirements before preparing a requirements document which will form a basis for your tender document. We will work with you to ensure compliance and good procurement practise throughout the process.

"The whole process has been refreshing, Locality was a different system and process from the very beginning and being involved in the product development has been a massive benefit. The professional services element has been ‘Organic’, both effective and beneficial. We have something special here and are well placed in tackling anti-social behaviour and domestic abuse"