‘Due to technological improvements and increased connectivity, mobile networking is becoming even more popular amongst businesses.’

The advancements in technology has not only made mobile devices powerful business tools, but the introduction of video-conferencing, route planning tools and instant messaging, has made it easier for remote workers to communicate and get the information they need for quick on the ground decision making.

Various dashboards and software products aim to help professionals collaborate, managers to monitor workflow, delegate work amongst team members or external contractors and lead a mobile workforce that’s not centralised in a traditional office.

Locality’s Case Management Application, available as a mobile web and a native Android app follows similar objectives as it makes it easier for your workforce to access information remotely. It allows you to access vital customer information to your mobile workforce, which not only empowers them to make timely decisions, but also improves service delivery for customers.

Key Functions

  • Create a new case on the move
  • Review and Update existing cases
  • Escalate a case priority level for timely actions
  • Perform Risk-Assessments electronically and in real-time
  • View Reminders, Alerts and Tasks

Aims & Benefits

  • Regulating a better work / Life balance                           
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase customer service
  • Bigger workflow flexibility

ls-processflow_log a case


Therefore, this demonstrates that the popularity surrounding cloud services are just one indicator to show that the mobile workforce is due to become the norm. As both software and hardware evolve, the information technology industry is becoming more capable of helping companies to outsource more diverse tasks.