‘One of the biggest challenges faced when managing high-risk complex cases is the ability to receive timely information. This is paramount as it ensures successful intervention and prevention of Anti-Social Behaviour and Domestic Abuse.’

By working in isolation, public services and partner agencies lose sight of the wider vulnerabilities. Opportunities for early intervention can be overlooked, this being essential to deliver a proactive service for citizens and communities. Furthermore public services and partner agencies are universally accepting that information sharing is key, it enables strategic needs assessment and targeted planning of resources.

Pilot projects and proof-of-concept work have started amongst few agencies and local authorities. These practices, which are seen as innovative by the sector, but are resource intensive and time consuming. Some of these practices include daily conference calls to discuss cases, co-working and co-location initiatives where partners from various agencies come together in one place to assess risk.

With Locality’s Alerts and Notifications module, resources can be notified electronically via email or text message. Occurring when, a case escalates, a new incident occurs or, when a victim’s risk assessment score increases. These are just a few examples of how information can be pro-actively pushed to your resources allowing for quicker decision making and cost-time efficiencies.

The module allows you to:

  • Set up rules against a case so notifications and alerts are tailored to your requirements. Collaborators who form part of your multi-agency team are alerted to login to a single workspace and perform an action.
  • Reminders can be set for forthcoming or overdue tasks through alerts and notifications
  • Triggers and Flags can be setup against each case type so you can tailor the level of alerts and notifications you receive by the severity of each case.
  • Automate subsequent case actions from Alerts and Notifications such as notifying police via email and text message. Additionally you can escalate the case to another collaborator (manager, partner agency, internal staff) and raise a severity of a case to high, depending on the case type.  The opportunities for automated actions are endless.




Locality’s Case Management solution allows you to alert and notify the right information to the right partners to ensure meaningful sharing is undertaken. This reduces the time taken for partner agencies to sift through volumes of data which can have a detrimental impact if vital opportunities for early intervention are missed.