We strive to deliver a single seamless journey across all touch-points from initial enquiry right through to any required post sales support. We’ll assign a customer account manager and designated point of contact throughout the whole process.

At locality, we’ll create a customer journey, bespoke to the customer and we’ll work to ensure

  • A single cross business view of the experience delivered by all customers facing functions
  • Defined key requirements (skills, data, processes, measures, etc.)
  • Highlighted areas of importance (where effort should be applied)

We map out the total customer experience across all touchpoints between the customer and the organisation, from initial contact, through purchasing, after sales support, and hopefully onto renewal / repurchase. It maps the experience that:

  • we want to provide to the customer
  • the customer would like to receive

For each of these customer touch-points against each element of the customer journey, the organisation then needs to identify an owner, the impact it has upon the customers’ experience and the gaps between desired and current performance

This then allows the organisation to focus on issues that are key for both the customer and them. The creation of the journey highlights to different functions across the business where they come into contact with customers and where they influence the customers’ experience and have the opportunity to provide positive customer moments of truth, which may also be at a much later point in the journey.