Last night we attended a charity quiz, raising funds for Rookwood Spur. Rookwood Spur is a fantastic charity, promoting and improving the quality of life and opportunities for patients of the Spinal Injuries Unit at Rookwood hospital in Cardiff. The event was organised by Phoenix Legal Services assisted by the ever friendly team at Emma Waddingham Consulting. 


Amongst the vast number of tables of legal services and digital marketers, one team emerged victorious! … suffice to say it wasn’t us, we struggled coming up with a team name! Congratulations to the folks at Hopkins Law, we were in awe of your general knowledge.


We have however left you with a few questions to ponder from last night.


How will you get on?


  • Who was the greek god of music? (it’s not Peter Andre!)
  • Which Beatle was stood at the front of the Abbey Road album cover?
  • What was the name of Pinocchio’s father?
  • Which company name comes from the native expression for ‘people’s car’
  • If you were sat in a Spanish restaurant and were to order ‘Heuvos’ what would you be ordering?


A generous and fantastic £820 was raised for the charity and a huge congratulations must go to all the organisers. We’ll be sure to brush up for the next one!