So what is the Internet of things?

Well, The way we access the Internet has changed rapidly over the past few years, transitioning from desktops to mobile devices. Now, the Internet is expanding again — coming to all of the everyday devices found in our homes, businesses, cities leading to the inception of the phrase ‘Internet of Things’.

This ‘Internet of Things’ will be by far the worlds largest device market, shortly to exceed the PC, Tablet and Smartphone markets combined. Statistics and forecast around its main drivers for Growth are staggering with half the planet to be connected to the Internet by 2020 and with 1 billion homes having access to wi-fi.

There are already many examples you’ll be familiar with such as connected smart TV’s. In fact there are more examples than you probably realise with connected home gadgets promising new ways to control our homes remotely.

Have a look at this image for examples within the home…  


Internet of things Cisco

Image : Cisco  

In truth ‘The Internet of Things’ is a topic often debated but with an always curious title. It was brought to life at Digital 2015 through presentation from Jeremy Waite. Jeremy is Head of Digital Strategy, Marketing Cloud EMEA at Salesforce.

For us at Locality Solutions it was definitely an event highlight. We’d attended with anticipation, although perhaps in expectation of a description and reference to numerous insightful business insider articles. The message we took away was clear, concise and delivered with a passion.


Jeremy defined his 5 Pillars of the Internet of Things  


Industrial Internet • Home • Cars • Products • Smart Cities


We know that the art of a good presentation is in the clarity of facts and statement, to this end Jeremy identified several considerations for the ‘Internet of Things’ touching upon themes of Big Data, Privacy, Trust and Value. Getting to the point of the point of technology – Does it add value to your life?


  • The culture we create needs to exceed the value we collect
  • We need to build relationships faster
  • We ask too much of tech and not of ourselves
  • The companies who filter the noise of data the quickest will win the business, not the ones with the sexiest apps
  • Trust is the biggest challenge in tech!


These key lessons are something that will no doubt create much discussion in our offices. The presentation was delivered in a way to promote thought and aspiration. In fact, Jeremy’s ability to engage and captivate us was only matched by the always insightful Dave Coplin, ‘Inventor of Pretentious job titles’ or Microsoft’s Chief Envisioning Officer and it was encouraging to witness a mutual admiration for each others work.  We’d encourage you to access Jeremy’s presentation for yourself and clue yourself up.  



Additional Information

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You can also follow Jeremy on Twitter @jeremywaite