Have you seen a position or role you wish to apply for? Here are some helpful hints and tips to get you started.


When applying


First things first, Take your time. When you apply for a job, ensure it is right for you and that means understanding whether we are the right fit for you as well. Have a good read through the specifications and check that you meet the criteria required from the role.


They say you have 30 seconds to catch the attention of the person reading your application; so ensure you have the most vital information upfront. Include a specific cover letter, it’s your chance to sell yourself.


Attention to detail is critical in your application. We want to hear about your past experience and make sure to communicate your achievements. Start with your most recent position and ensure it is relevant to the job for which you are applying. Importantly, Keep the structure of the application clear and simple and limit the length of your CV to 2-3 pages.

The interview

Prepare thoroughly for the interview. Make sure to impress the panel, learn about our team and research the job for which you are applying.


Practice makes perfect: think about the questions that may be asked and prepare your responses with relevant examples to demonstrate your experience. Relax and double check all the details ahead of the interview and give yourself plenty of time.

Listen carefully to what the interviewers ask and take a moment to compose your answer before responding.


Good luck!