Locality Solutions has been chosen by The Cardiff and Vale University Health board (CVUHB), and approved by the Welsh Government led by Ifan Evans (Head of Healthcare Innovation, WGA), to work with it’s Emergency Unit to streamline patient care via improved communication and collaboration with our technology suite, Cluster Case Management.


Welsh Emergency Department frequent Flyers Network

In 2015, 8000 frequent attenders of the Emergency Unit, totaling 31,999 visits costed the Health board (CVUHB) a total of £3.2 million.

Frequent attenders are those that regularly contact a specific range of public services. They usually demand a significant amount of time and resources from the health services, creating a risk of A&E services being unable to meet an emergency. More details on this project here.

Multi-Agency Working for the well-being of health service users

Led by Anna Sussex; the creation of a multi-agency panel, rolled out as a 6 month pilot, comprised of 28 core agencies getting together with the aim of sharing vital information to improve patient care and reduce frequent attenders.

Through multi-agency and partnership working, this pilot saw :

  • A decrease in attendance to the Emergency Department of 84%
  • A decrease in length of stay by 94% and
  • A decrease in resource costs by 95%

When public services are armed with the right information about a frequent attender, they are better able to address their needs and resolve issues quicker.

Furthermore, the introduction of the Well-being of Future Generations Act 2015 has meant that public services are having to re-design services placing the well-being of the service user at the heart of services.

This is one such scheme that seeks out to do just that. Through working together better, understanding the root problem and looking at the long term, health services can work on setting up more preventative measures.

Our Solution and Approach

Our solution will serve as an integral foundation to meet multi-agency working requirements to add to the success of this Frequent Attenders initiative.

Locality has an extensive track record of working with other sectors using co-producing and applying design thinking on delivering solutions’ that put the ultimate service users at the heart of working practices.

Through co-production, we will work closely with health officers and services users to deliver the design and implementation of a robust, integrated, multi-agency case management system, providing secure, real-time, cross-sector access to critical data, improving efficiency.

Outside of providing a case management software, Locality’s Professional Services consultants  will work with the Health Board to achieve three critical factors:

  1. Reducing the cost and resources burden of Frequent Attenders on CVUHB services (Based upon the findings of the pilot project, savings are forecast well in excess of £3.2M per year just for care provision)
  2. Improving the well-being in the lives of Frequent Attenders
  3. To fit available services around the patient by working with patients to truly understand their needs and enabling rapid access through real-time data sharing



We are inviting potential partner agencies within public services, or third sector agencies to get involved.  This is your big opportunity to be involved with this exciting project that looks set to grow and grow.

Locality Solutions will be exhibiting at the TAI Exhibition , Cardiff, on 25th-27th April 2017 where we will be discussing this further and would truly like to speak with you.

If you would like to find out more about this project send your interests to :
enquiries@localitysolutions.co.uk or call us on 0330 001 5307