Disappearances are a reality. They happen for different reasons: during war, when people migrate, due to natural or man-made disasters. For the families of the disappeared, the anguish of uncertainty is the same.

30th August was International Day of the Disappeared. We share this video to raise awareness of this disastrous circumstance but also to acknowledge specialist agencies and the work they undertake with affected families. In this video, the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) meet three people from different corners of the globe. Each has a unique story about someone close who has gone missing – a man in Uganda searching for his son; and two women, one in Mexico and a woman in Georgia, both looking for their brothers. Through their eyes we see the emotional, economical, and social impact that this situation has on their lives.  


For further stories and to find out further information on the work of the Red Cross in tracing and reuniting families both in the UK and abroad, please read these two success stories.



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