Delivering Customer Excellence

Customer loyalty is a direct result of a company’s ability to successfully interact with customers giving them what they want, when they want it. With the consumerisation of IT, customers now also want the ability to interact with companies using their choice of IT channels. New technologies are available on the market to make it easier for companies to provide a more responsive customer service. These same technologies are also helping to increase the channels through which customers are able to interact with them, albeit these interactions can sometimes be complex for businesses to fully implement and leverage.


Leveraging Multi-channel customer interactions

Companies looking at leveraging technology to improve customer interaction should first look to understand how their customers are utilising technology on a daily basis, their preferred method of accessing information and the current pain points that customers have with the current service delivery methods. This will require for companies to:

  1. Understand their data – It is important to understand and analyse customer preferences
  2. Optimising a Self-Service Model – Find ways for your customers to interact with your business using their technology of choice and making information available when they need it.
  3. Understand their customer touch points to allow for them to align and streamline processes and bring together systems that will provide seamless customer interactions.


Some of the key technology areas that companies should look to leverage and align to create an effective customer touch-point plan include:

  • Customer facing websites
  • Mobile Applications
  • Communication and Social Media Platform
  • Internal Management Systems


By ensuring all of the above mediums are able to give customers the information they need, when they need and allow for them to process necessary requests in a consistent manner, will help companies provide a better responsive service.


Technology alone won’t improve customer service

We all know that technology is only half the solution; customers still need that human touch. A passionate workforce looking to deliver exceptional customer service, leveraging technology and data to gain a better insight for continuous improvement is key to customer service excellence. Companies need to be responsive to customer’s questions, needs and complaints customers happy. With a passionate workforce and the right technology supporting them, companies are better able to anticipate customer needs, tailor customer touch-points and processes to best serve customers and ultimately improve efficiency lowering operating costs.


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