We’ve found a new place to call home in the heart of one of Cardiff’s most vibrant and creative locations, our ‘Creative Quarter’. The move to the beautiful Morgan Arcade development embodies our creative aspirations. 

A rising technology firm has found a new place to call home in the heart of one of Cardiff’s most vibrant business spots.


Rapidly growing specialists Locality Solutions has moved into a new workspace in the city’s Creative Quarter. The move to the Morgan Arcade development places the firm at the centre of the Cardiff’s creative aspirations and sets out its long-term ambition to develop its brand globally.


Driven by directors Adrian Leen and Karen Boparoy, Locality’s aim is to enable a culture of collaborative working between partner agencies, public services and local government in order to improve the experience of the people at the heart of those services. The firm achieves this for UK and global clients by encouraging them to use technology in new and innovate ways.


“Locality was created because we understand the challenges facing organisations when working with partner agencies to achieve results,” said founder and managing director Adrian.


Locality Solutions has recently won several high-profile public sector clients, enabling the company to improve services in anti-social behaviour and domestic violence cases with its highly configurable and intuitive case management software.


Product director Karen said:


“We are now looking to move into other sectors, such as health, with the focus on creating change by enabling joined-up working between service providers, partner agencies and citizens through our software.”


With a new silent partner and an investment of £250,000, Locality’s growth includes both product development and staff expansion, with the aim of developing the company’s innovative technology and providing an exceptional customer experience. Central to this growth is the new workspace in the Creative Quarter.


Adrian added:


“The rapid growth of our staff and customer base meant we needed a new workspace to call home. That space was always something that had to represent us as a company, with the focus on collaboration, creativity and innovation.

We are delighted that the search is over and we have moved into our spacious and comfortable new premises in the heart of Cardiff’s vibrant city centre. The Creative Quarter’s hub environments and workspaces are perfect for our ongoing and long-term brand development and our ambition to create change.”


Founded in 2011, Locality Solutions has quickly established a reputation as the go-to provider for cloud-based solutions in areas such as case management, service management and property and facilities management. As well as achieving great savings, both financially and time-wise, for clients, Locality is unique for the emphasis it places on individual service users. 


Set above Cardiff’s historic Royal and Morgan Arcades, the Creative Quarter incorporates striking contemporary interior design whilst maintaining the integrity and character of the original Victorian architecture.