With high speed internet, a plethora of mobile devices readily available and cheaper cloud storage solutions sky-rocketing, the question of why public sector challenges exist in multi-agency working still remains.



With the public demanding it’s needs met, and the evolution of public sector structure involving the creation of other third sector organisations to help provide public services on its behalf, multi-agency and partnership working needs to be addressed now more than ever.



The two main barriers for successful multi-agency working is a lack of communication and poor data sharing across departments and local government bodies.


Some say the root of these problems are due to the siloed nature and closed-culture of Public Sector, Third Sector and Local Councils. They have almost always worked autonomously and when interaction is required, it is usually done manually leaving paper trails , forgotten meeting points and unorganised emails before the lines of communication eventually break down.

Coupled with the complex infrastructure and frameworks that have been offered and implemented by larger technology companies monopolising the market means public sector are restricted to change and innovation only looking at existing services instead of finding real solutions to problems. Between being in the state of process paralysis and trying hard to optimise existing processes to fit existing rigid technology structures, innovation for a more effective collaboration is stifled, while the public is forced to accept third-rate services.

With strict policies governing technology acquisition within public sector and tight Information Security Requirements, partnership-working seems like it can only exist in utopia. Nevermind that technology has advanced and improved the working ways of thousands of global multi-site organisations, it is all too easy for public sector to continue utilising services that they have always used and considered less ‘risky’.


Locality Solutions provide technology that enables multiple disparate organisations to share and work on non-printed forms and information within a secured ISO27001 certified cloud environment. Speak to one of our consultants about our Locality Platform and how it can enable you to achieve multi-agency working.