All this week we’ve been celebrating and highlighting the contributions of Refugees in the UK in our support of Refugee Week. We’ve been conscious to use channels that allow for visual information to best describe circumstance, real life and empowering stories with content driven through blogs and social media. We’ve selected key messages that are short and easy to understand and we’ve looked to inform in ways that both celebrate contribution but also highlight the plight of refugees.

The reach of media through increased channels allows for massive opportunity to communicate a message, however the skill often lies in keeping that message clear, concise and engaging. We’ve also taken the opportunity to look at some of the methods being applied in campaigns to address international crises, be it with intent to raise awareness or direct funds.

One such campaign is the White Helmets in Syria. ‘After the bombs go off in Syria, the White Helmets go in’ This volunteer group tries to rescue survivors from the rubble of explosions. With limited training and few supplies, they are often the only resource for the injured in an attack. Though difficult work, it is sometimes miraculous.

We’ve highlighted examples of the content used to promote this campaign. It’s emotive and effective in outlining the cause in the most striking terms. In truth, ‘deep’ analysis of the methods they’ve used isn’t required, the core is in story telling and less statistical. What do you think?