For safer, healthier communities

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Welsh Housing Awards

17 November 2017

Multi-Agency Project for Safer Communities by
Trivallis shortlisted for two awards.
Taff Housing Association

Information sharing and partnership working for safer, healthier communities.

Introducing Cluster Case Management our intuitive multi-agency solution that enables true collaboration, information sharing and partnership working for safer, more cohesive communities.
“The whole process has been refreshing, Locality was a different system and process from the very beginning and being involved in the product development has been a massive benefit. The professional services element has been ‘Organic’, both effective and beneficial. We have something special here and are well placed in tackling anti-social behaviour and domestic abuse”
Jonathan Tumelty, Community Safety Manager, Trivallis


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Crime Prevention

Professional Services

If you're looking to explore the opportunities you can gain through technology for business or service transformation, then we’re well versed, no matter how individual or unique the challenge. We offer a range of IT Consultancy services to tackle your next IT Transformation Project.

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Business & Systems Analysis

We can help identify your organisations pain points, business issues or system deficiencies highlighting the opportunities that can be gained from either technology implementation or a change in procedure.

Business Process Re-design

We can help you examine your critical processes to ensure your organisation delivers a quality service productively. After all, your processes are your enablers in remaining competitive.


We can help you develop an Infrastructure Strategy to compliment your IT Strategy or simply perform a health check of your technical resources to ensure you meet your organisations demands.


We can help you review your Technology needs, especially if it’s making sense of the noise and identifying what your requirements are prior to procuring a system or service.
“Locality has simplified our systems and those of the clients we work with in a way no other software company has been able to. Everybody has picked up the system easily and it has become an essential part of our business. I think everybody should take a look at Locality Solutions before implementing a new management system. It’s very different to other software we have used and has brought us great savings in time and money”
Elaine Ballard Chief Executive, Taff Housing


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Cadwyn Housing Association

Taff Housing Association

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  • Assistant Police CommissionerInformation Sharing : A feature in focus
    One of the biggest challenges faced when managing high-risk complex cases is the ability to receive timely information. Trivallis, one of Wales largest housing associations partnered up with South Wales Police and Cardiff Council to share information on high-risk cases and vulnerable adults for the sole purpose of delivering better support to ...
  • Finalists Trivallis embracing TechnologyMulti-Agency Project for Safer Communities by Trivallis shortlisted for two awards
    The initiative has seen Trivallis share vital ASB and Domestic Abuse information with South Wales Police and Cardiff Council with the goal of creating safer communities....
  • Public Sector Technology fails to support Multi-Agency Working
    Data and System Integration enables Multi-Agency Working within public services By working in isolation, public services and partner agencies lose sight of the wider vulnerabilities. Opportunities for early intervention can be overlooked. This is essential to deliver a proactive service for citizens and communities. Furthermore, public services ...


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